Metal Mountain Custom and design metal works Made in the USA


 Standard qualifications about the signs, art, and anything for sale on this site.....


Designs are original and are all copy written. If you would like to use any of our designs for your own artwork, or metal cutting, please email us to see if we can work that out. If interested please email us at  However, please do not copy our designs without permission, because that's just wrong- its our art.....

Our steel gauge material ranges from 12-18 gauge, but standard unless noted is14 gauge. The smaller the number, the thicker the metal. If thickness is important to you, please email us for further clarification on your piece if it is not already noted.

All finishing varies, and every single piece will be unique in some way. The patinas that we use, will also at times continue to change with time, especially if outside in weather. 

Color choices- Color choices are listed for each piece that we offer it. Very small pieces we do in batches and can not guarantee a color. Artists Choice means exactly that. It will be designed by us to best complement the piece. This is usually a mix of several patinas to highlight the design. If you do not see the choice that you want please do not hesitate to email us.

Measurements are all approximate, if you need an exact fit on something, please check with us, or use custom ordering.

Regarding mounting and display we typically weld metal hangers to the back of the piece if the design allows for it. In some cases we will drill holes, or if it is open work, will not add anything as it can be hung as is.

Almost everything is available with custom tweaks, sizes and finishes, just email us if you have a special request at

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality piece at a fair price.

We are also very flexible and would love to see your ideas for new stock items. If they are not personalized, and we think they will be popular with others, we will cut your original idea for the stock art price. 

Please do not submit any copy-written material to us. If we think it will be an infringement, we will have to reject the order.